About Open House

Open House Group is a publicly-traded company and the largest single-family home developer in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

When deciding on ways to expand further, it was decided to begin operations in the United States. This began some time ago with Open House Realty and Investments in Los Angeles, specializing in high end “flips” and renovations.

Not only does Open House oversee all renovations, our recently established Property Management departments in each market also oversee rent collections, maintenance, and tenant requests. We are a one-stop-shop for an investor looking to have a stress-free investment in the US market.

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Corporate Philosophy

The customer always comes first.

We strive to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs.

We work for customers with honesty and passion.

We are always quick to act.

We provide opportunities for motivated employees.

We have a cheerful and positive organization.

We make a profit fairly and contribute to society through our tax contribution.

We will become an innovative Real Estate company.

Our History

In 2016, Open House Realty and Investments created a new subsidiary in Texas, focusing on the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

The idea was simple – they would invest in single-family homes as rental properties. This continued for a few months before expansion took over on a much larger scale. Since 2016, Open House Texas has purchased over 1500 single-family homes in the DFW market, and continues to buy.

In 2018, Open House expanded further into the Georgia market (specifically northern Atlanta) and began operations.

Since this time, Open House Atlanta has purchased over 500 homes and continues to buy at a consistent monthly rate. The basis for both operations is to provide quality, renovated, and professionally managed properties as investments to foreign investors.